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Community Rules 6 months 1 day ago #21

Welcome to the Imardex-Marine Community Forum.

This forum has been set up for the community of Imardex-Marine to provide help and support for owners, skippers, and those responsible for the maintenance of pleasure craft, small charter fleets, commercial and fishing vessels.

We are keen to ensure that this forum remains a friendly, welcoming place, we try and keep rules and moderation as light as possible to enable good debate and discussion, and for those boaters that are interested in exchanging ideas and advice. Our members come from across the world and we are proud to represent them.

Please take the time to read the following rules prior to making your post.

Our rules

• We do not tolerate abusive behaviour, racism, bigotry or misogyny.
• The posting of offensive links to images or sexual content will be banned.
• Do not spam, advertise or self-promote yourself, however genuine.
• We do not allow the sending of private messages to a large selection of community members this is spamming.
• Do not post copywrite infringement material or ask how to obtain it.
• You can report an offensive post or comments by clicking on the imoji (to be inserted) that can be found at the top right of each post.
• Treat others the way you want to be treated always. You have every right to disagree with your fellow community members but no right to be hurtful or nasty.
• If you are trolling, people will work it out and you will be banned.
• If you make defamatory comments or threats, you could be held liable and banned from the forum.
• You are legally responsible for what you post.

We are not a pre-moderated forum and an administrator may not see a post straight away. It is, therefore, important to flag something that makes you feel uncomfortable or uneasy. If something does not look right, please report it.

Thanks for joining us at the Imardex-Marine community.

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