Systems Training Modules

Welcome to our Systems Training Programme designed to give you a comprehensive understanding and familiarisation of the systems on a boat and is a vital requirement in preventing accidents at sea. The Training Programme can be carried out at home and continued on an operational boat. It is essential for new crew members, those new to boating or who have recently bought or taken over a vessel. It can also be a refresher course for the more experienced boater. It is ideal for the new employee in a boatyard, or safety organisation.

Module Design

Modules are for you to work through from start to finish at home and in situ on a boat, where you can follow the mechanical sequences and flow of liquids particular to that system. We have designed modules around the individual requirements of the boater; for instance, if you are a yachtsman, rigging and keel systems.  Fridge rooms and deck machinery for fishermen, Included in all cases are bilge pumps, anchoring, and safety systems.

Module Content

Training Programmes enable those aboard to check and follow systems on an operational boat which can be carried out at sea or alongside. Each module has a variety of boat systems, generally between 4 and 6. The modules, when complete, should be signed off by the Captain or person in charge of the boat.


The Training Programme is available by subscription. There is a cost of £7.90 per month. Or a discounted annual payment of £79.00 covers all parts of the modules with a certificate on completion.

Systems knowledge

The Training Modules are to give you an insight into how boat systems work. It is of utmost importance on a seagoing vessel, particularly in an emergency or when a crew member is injured or lost overboard, especially when asked to operate an unfamiliar system in a crisis.


It is a qualification to be added to your Nautical CV
It is flexible and completed at your own pace.
It is not expensive.
The modules aren’t stressful.
We support you all the way.
You don’t need any qualifications to start.
One day it might save your life.

What do you require for the course:

Access to a boat, where you can follow the systems.
A mirror and torch (head torch)
Overalls - not all bilges are clean
A pocket notebook
Access to a laptop, tablet or desktop computer

Getting Started

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There are three sections in the Training Programme :

IMXTM 006 - Motor Boat Systems
Safety and Fire Equipment Systems
Mechanical Systems
Electrical Systems
Hotel & Domestic Services
Navigation Systems

IMXTM 007 - Fishing Vessel Systems
Safety and Fire Equipment Systems
Mechanical Systems
Electrical Systems
Hotel & Domestic Services
Deck Machinery, Derricks, Fridges etc
Navigation Systems    

IMXTM 008 - Yacht Systems
Safety and Fire Equipment Systems
Mechanical Systems
Electrical Systems
Hotel & Domestic Services
Navigation Systems
Rigging, Spars, Sails and Keels

Please see below a diagrammatic sketch of a typical system drawing for the diesel fuel system and the fresh water system on a boat.

Diesel Fuel System

Fresh Water System


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