Maintenance Programme

Our main task is to provide Maintenance Programmes for main propulsion systems designed to suit the individual needs of owners, skippers, and those responsible for the maintenance of pleasure craft, small charter fleets, and commercial vessels, inclusive to this programme is the Yacht Systems Maintenance Plan and the important Safety Equipment and Emergency Procedures Check List.


Maintenance Plans

A maintenance programme that consists of two core plans – The Primary Plan which covers the Main Propulsion System, this plan includes either the Main Diesel Engine(s) or the Outboard Motor(s) for your boat. This is the most important part of any maintenance programme for a marine vessel, with priority over all other plans – it also includes the critical spare parts list, which are the essential spare parts that should be held aboard. Included in this plan is the Primary Drive Systems ie Shaft Drive, POD Drives, Stern Drive (Outdrives) and Sail Drives. The Secondary Plan covers the auxiliary, domestic, and ancillary systems.


Maintenance Tasks

A list of Maintenance Tasks is adapted to a vessel’s needs and should help those new to boating, and those who prefer to do things for themselves and only occasionally look to the boatyard for assistance. As one of our members said, “let the boatyard do the oily bits. I can do the rest!”! Either way, an owner is encouraged through our programmes to manage a variety of maintenance tasks. Your confidence is further boosted by the availability of guides and links to videos, which can be supplemented by local shore-based engine courses.


Maintenance Schedules

Maintenance Scheduling is a way to help the planning of maintenance whilst a vessel is alongside, as opposed to the checks necessary when a vessel is on the move. Yearly, monthly, weekly, daily, and even hourly checks are part of a maintenance schedule. All is intended to ensure the well-being of the Main Propulsion System. We provide a flexible schedule which can be readily adapted to a cruising programme.

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