Part I – Main Machinery & Associated Equipment

Please check your engine operator’s manual for additional checks.

Part II – Auxiliary, Domestic & Hotel Systems

Part I - Main Engine

Action to be taken Completed
Drain fuel tank of water and sediment.  
Fill fuel tank to the top, whilst adding a biocide.  
Check fuel filler cap is screwed down tightly.  
Change engine oil and filters.  
Check coolant anti-freeze is at the correct freezing point, your boatyard should have a freezing point test tool that you can use.  
If engine is raw water cooled – substitute an anti-freeze mix into the suction side of the seawater pump, shut sea water cock whilst drawing a suction from a bucket of anti-freeze mix – when the exhaust cooling water exits the same colour as the anti-freeze mix, is a good indication that there is sufficient anti-freeze in the system.  
It is recommended that the sea water pump impeller be removed.  
Disconnect batteries – not necessary if on shore power or solar panel charging, switch battery controller to ‘Batteries Only’, for the duration.  
 Put rags or a plug up the exhaust pipe.  
Clean inside the air filter, block with a rag.  
Clean the bilge area under and around the engine.  
Check all electrical connections, spray with WD40.  
Shut the main engine seacock, attach a sign to the starting panel "Seacock Shut".  



Gearbox Associated Systems Completed
Change oil.  



Auxiliary, Domestic and Hotel Systems Completed
Equipment that uses batteries, remove all small batteries (AA,AAA), draw up a list.  
Central heating systems – check freezing level temperature, add anti-freeze if necessary.  
Bunks and beds – lift up mattresses, allow air to circulate.  
Check gas bottles are disconnected.  
Pour anti-freeze down toilets, showers and pump out.  
Check all shower, toilet overboard discharges plus toilet inlet sea cocks are shut, stick a label on the toilet seat to this effect.  
Pour anti-freeze down sinks to fill ‘U’ bends.  
Check all bilges are dry.  
Winterise generator, shut sea cock, allow generator to take suction from a bucket of anti-freeze. Hang a sign on the generator starting switch – ‘Seacock Shut’.  
Drain down calorifier and fresh-water system, if able to do so.  
Check all tins, packets of food and beer to be left on board – will they be in date next year.  
Clean fridges, leave doors open.  
Spray WD40 around instrument panels.  
Take down biminis – clean, loosely roll up.  
Take down flags, burgees, and pennants.  
Remove all loose items from the upper deck, stow inside, check all hatches and lockers are locked.  
Switch to ‘off’ all battery master switches. Check your emergency bilge pump(s) indicator light is on.  
Check boat is tied up correctly, warps and springs are secure for the winter, double up if necessary.  
Check sufficient slack on the shore cable, both end connecting plugs are secure.  
Take water and electric readings.  
Pack charts, cartes and cruising books - to plan next year’s cruise.  
Check marina office has a key to your boat.