Navigation Lights

The Port side light is red; the Starboard side is green, white light aft. Smaller boats can have an all in one tri-light, for night time cruising. Switch on the 12 or 24-volt panel. Spare bulbs are to be available aboard.



Sounders come in all shapes and sizes and give a fairly accurate measurement of the depth of water under the keel, or the deepest part of the boat, i.e. the propeller or skeg.  Sensitivity can be adjusted for different depths, and used for fishing; it can pick up a shoal or individual fish. Water temperature reading, under the keel is on most sets.



Automatic Identification System provides information on a vessel’s speed, position & course, to assist in plotting an avoidance course. Boaters can have the Class B system. It is a VHF based system.



An autopilot is an automatic steering device that can be electrically controlled and preset to a course to take. Or set and regulated by the wind direction. In all cases, it allows the helmsman to take time off from steering the boat.








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