Imardex-Marine’s - Maintenance Programme

Welcome to the Maintenance Section (Commercial & Leisure), here you will find information on the maintenance programme, the membership process, and how to access the maintenance database.

It is a globally accessible Maintenance Programme designed to suit the needs of owners, skippers, and those responsible for the maintenance and operation of charter fleets.

Our programme covers the mechanical, electrical, domestic, fire and safety systems. Staff at head office and local managers can remotely access the database to observe the progress of maintenance required for their vessels. Leisure boat owners can sit comfortably at home, planning their maintenance periods.


Maintenance Plans

Primary Plan covers all the mechanics of a boat from the fuel tank to the propeller and takes priority over all other plans.

Primary Drive Plan is the drive system for a boat, both these primary plans include the critical spare parts list.

Secondary Plan covers the auxiliary, domestic, and ancillary systems.


Maintenance Tasks

The tasks are adapted to a vessel’s operational requirements. Whilst a fleet manager will engage their shore-based maintenance staff, small commercial operators and leisure boaters are encouraged through our maintenance programme to manage a variety of tasks themselves, and only occasionally look to the boatyard for assistance, thus giving them a better understanding of the systems on their boat.


Maintenance Schedules

Maintenance Scheduling is a way to help the planning of maintenance. Yearly monthly, weekly, daily, and even hourly checks form part of the maintenance schedule. Flexible scheduling has been designed which can be readily adapted to a cruising programme, and periods alongside. We find that leisure boat owners will set their maintenance at the beginning or end of the cruising season, whereas commercial operators with much higher running times tend to base their maintenances on an hourly frequency.


Safety & Fire Equipment Maintenance

Boat Safety procedures and Fire Equipment maintenance practices are essential for the well-being and safety of your boat and crew.

In many countries the authorities are looking for paperwork showing test certificates and expiry dates for fire and safety equipment, VHF and AIS certification, plus LPG testing. These are systems covered by imardex-marine’s Maintenance Programme.


Commercial & Leisure Boat Operators - Additional Plans

If you are a Commercial Operator and require maintenance plans that are not illustrated on our database, such as, diving compressors and decompression chambers, dredging equipment, lifts, surveying equipment, specialist medical and research equipment etc, then please contact us for further details. For leisure boat owners that require maintenance plans on additional specialist equipment please contact us.


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