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Welcome to our Boat Information Directory, (Boat-InfoD) the only one of its kind in the marine world, for mariners and nautical-thinking people.

Our Boat-InfoD is to guide you easily and quickly to a destination and locate an item of interest about boating matters and nautical themes.

It is a vast structured list of information for you to dip into and is updated more often than the changing tides. Access to this lazarette of nautical knowledge is free.


Main Section Content
Auxiliary Machinery Generators, Bow & Stern Thrusters, Bilge pumping Systems.
Boat Terminology Astern, Ahead, Abaft
Boatyard Work Your guide to work and costs in a boatyard
Cruising the French Waterways Cruising the Canals & Rivers of France
Domestic Systems Gas, Fresh Water, & Toilet Systems...Cats & Dogs Aboard
Electrical Systems AC and DC Systems, Solar Panels, LED Systems
Flag Etiquette Flag Etiquette, Dressing a Yacht, Bunting.
Winterising Winterising - The list
Green Energy Content coming soon
Main Engine All the parts and information on your boats Diesel engine.
Maintenance Information Information on Imardex Marine’s Maintenance Programme
Navigation Systems Radar, AIS, GPS...
Old Navy Jargon Scuttlebutt, Pipe Down, All Hands on Deck...
Safety Systems Man Overboard, Emergency Fuel Shut Off...
Bilge Pumps Bilge filling with water
System Training Modules Information on Training Programmes for boaters.
Flares & Signalling Devices Flares, Signalling Devices.
Underwater Systems Sea cocks to Anti Foul...
Yacht Systems & Terminology Rigging, Sails, Keels, Deck Equipment


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Safety Systems

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